ADDED ON: 01/05/2021

Prominent Transgender Activist in Colombia Dies

01/04/2021 | Between the Lines

A prominent transgender activist in Colombia died on Saturday. Laura Weinstein, director of Fundación Grupo de Acción y Apoyo a Personas Trans (GAAT), a trans rights group based in the Colombian capital of Bogotá, passed away four days after she was hospitalized with difficulty breathing. “I have been hospitalized since yesterday because of breathing difficulties,” tweeted Weinstein on Dec. 31. “They gave me a COVID test and we are waiting for the results, but not being able to breath is something that I never wish upon anyone.” Wilson Castañeda Castro, director of Caribe Afirmativo, an LGBTQ advocacy group that works in areas along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, on Saturday told the Washington Blade that Weinstein’s coronavirus test came back negative. Weinstein had previously fought cancer. Castañeda told the Blade her health had deteriorated in recent months.


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