ADDED ON: 03/22/2019

Prominent LGBT+ organisation in Kenya wins right to be recognised as a charity

03/22/2019 | DeviDiscourse

A prominent LGBT+ organisation in Kenya won the right to be recognised as a charity on Friday in a Court of Appeal ruling that could give greater freedom to persecuted sexual minorities across the country. The court ruled that the government could not use colonial-era laws criminalising gay sex to block the National Gay Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) from being registered as a non-profit organisation. Three of the five judges upheld an earlier verdict by the high court, saying sexual minorities were entitled to the same rights as all other Kenyans, including the right to associate. “The judges have chosen to stand by the constitution that allows for like-minded persons to meet and organise formally,” Njeri Gateru, NGLHRC’s executive director, said in a statement.


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