ADDED ON: 11/26/2018

Pro-LGBT Group Demands Investigation amid Allegations of Election Misconduct

11/26/2018 | The News Lens

A pro-LGBT rights group is demanding that the Central Election Commission investigate allegations of irregularities in the voting process surrounding last Saturday’s referendums. According to a statement published by the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) on its Facebook page on Saturday evening, by 6 p.m, on the day of the referendum the organization had received over 1,000 complaints from the public alleging regarding improper activity at and inside polling stations. The statement includes allegations of misconduct by election officials inside the polling stations, as well as violations of the electoral and referendum laws through placement of materials that might influence voters within 30 meters of polling stations. The statement said the organization had received reports of the public receiving voting slips that had already been stamped, selective distribution of the 10 referendum ballots to the public so that not all slips were given to all voters taking part in the referendum, and direct promotion of the anti-LGBT referendums to the public.


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