ADDED ON: 10/19/2020

Pro-LGBT+ central Tallinn protest passes off largely peaceably

10/18/2020 | ERR

Around 300 people gathered in Tallinn’s Vadaduse väljak (Freedom Square) Sunday in protest against a planned referendum on defining marriage within the constitution as being between one man and one woman. The protest came in the wake of remarks about LGBT+ people by interior minister Mart Helme (EKRE) appearing in the international media Friday. The protest, titled “Everyone has the right to marry” (“Kõigi õigus abielule”) and whose supporters also called for the legalization of gender-neutral marriage, passed off largely peaceably, with one reported incident leading to a minor injury and an individual being detained by Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) personnel. A similar demonstration in Tartu at the beginning of the month saw about 150 protesters supporting the same changes.


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