ADDED ON: 08/30/2021

Pro-Bejing Lawmakes Target Hong Kong Gay Gamers

08/29/2021 | Star Observer

Several pro-Beijing members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council are once again raising a furore over the upcoming Hong Kong Gay Games in November 2022, the first Gay Games ever to be held in Asia. Lawmaker Junius Ho, said the Games “on the surface [are] about equal opportunities…about inclusion. But it does not take a genius to figure out it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Other lawmakers have jumped into the fray with the Liberal Party’s Peter Shiu saying, “Hong Kong adopts the one man, one woman marriage system. We can tolerate homosexuality. But we should not promote it.“ In June, Priscilla Leung claimed the Gay Games are “not just a sporting occasion,” but “strongly [promote] the gay movement,” and asserted the Games threatened to “tear society apart.” Josiah Cho, the chairperson of the Hong Kong Family Watch Association, told the Star Observer the Gay Games should not be given any priority from the government because the Games are specifically focused towards the LGBTQI+ community and as such is a private function. “My concern is that it is a private activity. The government should not step in to indicate their support or not. They should be neutral.”


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