ADDED ON: 06/07/2018

Pride Week: While Tel Aviv Celebrates – Jerusalem Fights

06/07/2018 | Jerusalem Post

Ahead of Pride Week in Israel, which kicks off Friday in Tel Aviv with the city’s annual parade, The Jerusalem Post spoke with Eran Globus, the chairperson (he insists his title be gender- neutral) of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance about the achievements and challenges faced by Israel’s LGBT community. At 22 years old, he is the youngest board member in the history of LGBT organizations in Israel. Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, The Open House, for short, services some 20,000 members of Jerusalem’s LGBT community every year and offers them a variety of inclusive activities and initiatives, including youth groups, open clinics, free HIV tests, counseling, community events, Shabbat and religious services and more.


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