ADDED ON: 11/24/2020

Pride celebrations were held together on the North & South Poles for the first time

11/22/2020 | LGBTQ Nation

Two years after Pride officially reached all seven continents on the globe, the first-ever Polar Pride Day was celebrated last week. People working at both poles of the Earth recognized the landmark event simultaneously on November 18. The announcement was made jointly by the governments of the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) and the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI), which operate parts of Antarctica, where the South Pole is located. Researchers in the Arctic joined in, too. The celebrations were part of recognizing the 200th anniversary of the ‘discovery’ of Antarctica. They also were an extension of the International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM celebrations, which is organized to promote out representation in science fields, such as arctic research.


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