ADDED ON: 08/27/2018

Presidential Aspirant Vows to Protect Gay Nigerians, but Doesn’t Want Them to Display Love in Public

08/27/2018 | Pulse.NG

Aspirant for the 2019 presidential election, Donald Duke, says even though he would protect homosexual people, he is not comfortable with the idea of them showing love in public. The former Cross River State governor said this during his interview on “On The Couch” anchored by entertainer, Folarin Falana, aka Falz, and journalist, Laila Johnson-Salami. Even though he was not specifically asked about homosexuality in Nigeria, Duke offered to express his thoughts on the country’s stance on it. According to him, he doesn’t understand homosexuality, but he would offer protection to gay people and not criminalise them. However, he said he is uncomfortable with public display of affection by homosexual people and would be against such in the country.


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