ADDED ON: 11/21/2020

President Museveni Blames LGBT Community For Nation-Wide Protests

11/20/2020 | Kutchu Times

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is currently on his campaign trail has blamed the international LGBT community for the nation-wide protests that broke out on Wednesday after the arrest of his opponent Robert Kyagulanyi. The President said that the protests were being funded and supported by homosexuals who he alleges do not want a stable Uganda. Museveni made the remarks while addressing people in Kotido who had gathered for his campaign rally. It is no shock that he is quickly falling back on his longtime scapegoat plan where he blames all the nation’s problems on the alleged global support from the global LGBT community. Over the years, the President and several other politicians have said that the international LGBT community funds protests and other programs that dare to speak up against the government’s failures and weaknesses. These sentiments are usually heightened during campaign season and like clockwork, this same tired card is now being played to distract the citizenry from the issue at hand by sparking a wave of homophobia.


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