ADDED ON: 11/19/2018

Pre-Referenda LGBT Rights Rally Draws 100,000 in Taipei

11/19/2018 | The News Lens

A reported 100,000 people attended a rally on Ketagalan Boulevard in support of LGBTQ rights Saturday, with a nationwide referendum on marriage equality and LGBTQ-friendly education scheduled to take place Nov. 24. Featuring musical performances and speeches, the rally culminated with a performance by heavy metal band Chthonic, which is fronted by legislator Freddy Lim of the New Power Party (NPP). With 100,000 in attendance according to organizers, this would put the rally on a similar scale to the Formosa Alliance’s demonstration in front of the Democratic Progressive Party headquarters on Oct. 20, which mobilized individuals from all across Taiwan. This would even put the event close in size to the pride parade which took place on Oct. 28 – the largest pride parade in Taiwanese history – which drew 140,000 to the streets of Taipei.


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