ADDED ON: 08/02/2022

Post-‘Roe,’ Transgender People Fear for the Future

08/01/2022 | The American Prospect

Minutes after the Supreme Court issued its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the country’s full-fledged attack on bodily autonomy reached new proportions in the bistate Kansas City metro area, where Dr. Quinn Jackson, a family physician and former abortion provider, treats transgender patients from both sides of the Missouri-Kansas border. In Kansas City, Missouri, the “trigger ban” outlawed abortion except when the life or health of a pregnant person is jeopardized. While abortion remains legal up to 22 weeks of pregnancy in Kansas, an August 2 ballot question could remove the right to an abortion. The vote promises to be close: A July 17-18 poll of 1,557 likely primary election voters found that 47 percent supported a state constitutional amendment that would remove abortion rights protections, 43 percent opposed the measure, and 10 percent are undecided. For now, abortion access in the metro area is limited to two seriously overwhelmed clinics. With the demise of Roe, 26 states including Missouri are certain or likely to ban abortion in the months ahead. At the same time, since January over 160 bills targeting transgender and nonbinary people, particularly youth, have been introduced or carried over from last year. Twenty-five of the 26 states certain or likely to ban abortion have also introduced anti-transgender legislation in the past two years. Some states have enacted both types of laws within the same week (Oklahoma) and on the same day (Arizona).


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