ADDED ON: 08/08/2018

Pop Star Ellen Joyce Loo was Trailblazer for Hong Kong’s LGBTI Community and Broke Down Stigma Around Mental Illness

08/08/2018 | South China Morning Post

On Sunday, the Hong Kong pop star died from a suspected suicide. Reporter Vivienne Chow looks back on her last meeting with the singer, where she appeared to have come to terms with her sexuality and bipolar disorder. “At this time of my life, I feel that I’m more inspired by gender and political issues as a musician and as an artist. I want to speak up for women and sexual minorities.” Ellen Joyce Loo told me this last December during an interview leading up to the onstage reunion of at17, the alternative Canto-pop duo that she co-founded with Eman Lam Yee-man when she was just 15 years old.


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