ADDED ON: 07/19/2019

Polish Publication to Distribute ‘LGBT-Free Zone’ Sticker

07/18/2019 | The Advocate

A conservative weekly news publication in Poland is planning to include “LGBT-free zone” stickers with next week’s issue. Gazeta Polska announced the move via Twitter Wednesday, NBC News reports. There was immediate backlash, online and elsewhere. “I am disappointed and concerned that some groups use stickers to promote hatred and intolerance,” U.S. Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher tweeted. “We respect freedom of speech, but we must stand together on the side of values such as diversity and tolerance.” (Mosbacher was once the stepmother to Dee Mosbacher, who is lesbian; Georgette was the third wife of Dee’s father, the late Robert Mosbacher, an official in the George H.W. Bush administration.)


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