ADDED ON: 03/02/2020

Polish LGBT activists protest at Warsaw church against Catholic archbishop

03/01/2020 | Reuters

Several dozen activists protested in front of a Warsaw church guarded by police on Sunday as a Catholic archbishop, criticized for his anti-LGBT language, celebrated mass. Last year, in a sermon, Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski said Poland was under siege from a “rainbow plague” of gay rights campaigners who he compared to Poland’s former Communist rulers. The church in Poland’s capital, full of worshippers, was surrounded by police in armored cars, while protesters carried banners reading: “I do not tolerate intolerance”, “Rainbow plague welcomes you” and “Archbishop Jedraszewski should resign”. “We are protesting against archbishop Jedraszewski,” said filmmaker Bartosz Staszewski, 29. “We are not a rainbow plague, as he has said. We are the citizens of this country and we want to look him in the face.”


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