ADDED ON: 06/11/2020

Polish leader casts gays as the enemy in bid to revive campaign

06/10/2020 | The Hour

Poland’s president stepped up a political attack against the LGBT community, portraying gay people as enemies in a bid to jump-start his stalled campaign for a second term in this month’s election. Returning to a tactic that the nationalist ruling Law & Justice Party has used to woo voters in the staunchly Catholic European Union nation, President Andrzej Duda signed a family-values declaration on Wednesday and vowed to “protect children from LGBT ideology.” “This is a foreign ideology that we won’t allow to be introduced into our country,” Duda said. The issue of LGBT rights and sex education seeks to “penetrate into our reality, sometimes by force,” he said. Struggling to distance itself from allegations of corruption and flouting social-distancing rules during the coronavirus crisis, Law & Justice is struggling to shore up support for Duda, a former member. If he loses, it will hand veto power to an opposition that already controls the upper house of parliament and would threaten to end the party’s five-year bid to transform Poland according to its nativist values.


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