ADDED ON: 04/18/2020

Polish lawmakers press on with anti-gay ‘Stop Pedophilia’ law

04/17/2020 | Gay Star News

Polish lawmakers have voted not to kill a law that compares LGBT+ people to pedophiles and which could end sex education. Poland’s anti-LGBT+ Law and Justice Party are taking advantage of the coronavirus restrictions to pass the legislation. Protestors will find it harder to act against the proposed law as mass gatherings are banned during the pandemic. A group of Polish citizens proposed the new law. Under the country’s constitution, they can submit legislative proposals if they can gather at least 100,000 signatures. The bill against sex education sits alongside another proposed measure to limit abortions. But not all Poles agree with it. Protestors got around social distancing rules by protesting from their cars honking horns and holding up signs against both bills. They also protested online. The ‘Stop Pedophilia’ bill’s backers sent a document to parliament to support their proposed law. In it they make far-fetched claims about sex education. It says: ‘The organisations and activists most involved in the promotion of sexual “education” in our country are the LGBT lobby.


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