ADDED ON: 06/10/2020

Polish government finances LGBT-critical articles

06/08/2020 | Irish Times

Poland’s justice ministry used taxpayer money for sponsored articles about the global persecution of Christians, and likening the LGBT rights campaign to Soviet-era communism, just as a new documentary about clerical sex abuse went online. Two recent issues of the weekly magazine Do Rzeczy contained sponsored articles headlined “In Defence of Christians” and “Catholics Pilloried”. Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper reports the articles were financed by a government “justice” fund intended to support crime victims and witnesses. “Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, and the number of attacks on them is increasing year on year,” one article says, adding that there are hundreds of such attacks each year in Poland. Deputy justice minister Marcin Romanowski, quoted in the sponsored article, wonders if the “attacks on the church are part of the planned political strategy”. “If we punish anti-Semitism, we should punish for Christianophobia too,” he said.


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