ADDED ON: 06/23/2021

Polish education minister says LGBT march ‘insult to public morality’

06/23/2021 | Reuters

Poland’s education minister said on Wednesday a march held in support of equal rights for LGBT people was an “insult to public morality” and questioned whether participants were normal, prompting angry protests from the opposition. Thousands joined last Saturday’s march through central Warsaw to call for an end to discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, amid what campaigners say is an increasingly hostile atmosphere as politicians and Roman Catholic clergy attack what they call “LGBT ideology”. “You’ve seen the pictures of the so-called Equality Parade, and that has nothing to do with equality,” Przemyslaw Czarnek said on state-run news channel TVP Info. “You saw people dressed bizarrely, a man dressed like a woman, are they normal people in your opinion?”


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