ADDED ON: 02/22/2020

Polish court says campaign that linked homosexuality and paedophilia was “informative”

02/21/2020 | Gay Times

A Polish court has ruled in favour of a campaign that linked homosexuality and paedophilia, claiming it was “informative” and that it raised awareness. Polish lawyer, Bartłomiej Ciążyński, filed a suit against the Polish non-governmental organisation, Fundacja Pro, after they launched the homophobic campaign. The group’s campaign featured people driving around in vans with the banner “Paedophilia is 20 times more common in homosexuals. They want to teach your children. Stop them!” Ciążyński said the campaign “insulted, slandered and violated the dignity” of the LGBTQ community, but Judge Adam Maciński, a district judge in Wrocław disagreed. In his ruling, he said the campaign “should be considered as having an informative and social dimension” saying it highlighted the issue of paedophilia. He added: “It illustrates the issue of paedophilia to the public, as well as differences in the way sex education is implemented among minors…while [also] addressing the problem of extreme sexual education.


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