ADDED ON: 03/03/2021

Polish court acquits LGBT activists in rainbow Virgin Mary case

03/02/2021 | Deutsche Welle

A Polish court on Tuesday acquitted three activists who were accused of desecration and offending religious sentiment for altering, producing and distributing images of a revered Roman Catholic icon that included the LGBT rainbow. The posters used rainbows as halos in an image of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus. Their aim was to protest what they considered the hostility of Poland’s influential Catholic Church toward LGBT people. What did the court rule The court in the city of Plock, where they distributed the images in 2019, ruled on Tuesday that they did not see evidence of a crime. They found that the activists were not motivated by a desire to offend anyone’s beliefs, but rather to defend those facing discrimination, according to Polish media. “The goal of the activists… was to show support to LGBT individuals, to fight for their equal rights,” Judge Agnieszka Warchol said.


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