ADDED ON: 09/29/2019

Police fire tear gas and arrest dozens of far-right protesters attempting to disrupt LGBT+ march

09/28/2019 | The Independent

Riot police have tear gassed and arrested dozens of far-right protesters after hundreds tried and failed to disrupt an LGBT+ parade in Poland. Nearly 30 people have been detained so far after an estimated 200 counter-demonstrators attempted to block the route of the Lublin’s second ever march for gay rights. Balaclava-clad homophobes brandished banners likening homosexuality to paedophilia and reading “woe to him who rots in silence”, attempting to pelt marchers with eggs, local media reported. Shielded by a wall of riot police, who held the antagonists at bay with water cannons, rainbow-adorned Pride marchers carrying signs promoting tolerance and personal freedom were able to safely conclude the parade as planned without any disruption. The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) has increasingly sought to stoke anti-LGBT+ sentiment in the devoutly Catholic nation, painting “LGBT ideology” as an affront to traditional Polish values.


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