ADDED ON: 07/01/2018

Police Beat and Arrest Protesters Defying Istanbul’s LGBT Pride Parade Ban

07/01/2018 | Daily Beast

As dusk approached on Sunday, the streets filled with smiling faces that sparkled with glitter, along with ululating pop music and drums. All around, rainbow flags fluttered in the sky as the crowd gathered. “Don’t be quiet, don’t shut up, shout, homosexuals exist,” they shouted On both sides of the peaceful, joyful crowd stood lines of police in riot gear, waiting with their shields add batons, the tension building. An estimated 1,000 protesters advocating gay rights clashed with Turkish security forces in Istanbul in an attempt to defy a ban on the annual LGBT Pride Parade. At least 11 people were reported arrested, according to lawyers and activists, as police fired teargas along the city’s most famous commercial street.


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