ADDED ON: 11/16/2020

Poles apart: the Polish activists in Scotland fighting for equality back home

11/15/2020 | The Ferret

Remigiusz Jabłecki had never organised a protest before. During the four years he had lived in Scotland he had never felt much need to become involved in politics. Back in Poland something as inconsequential as the colour of his socks or the rips in his jeans could be understood, by some, as a political statement. It was refreshing, then, to bask in the anonymity of a society that quietly validated his existence, to live in a nation where being gay was, for the most part, entirely accepted. One morning this June, however, Remi decided he couldn’t be quiet anymore. “I just kind of…lost it,” he said. “I was just so sick of everything. It was accumulating in me. And then I read a statement from the Polish government that said LGBT ideology was worse than Communist ideology and the anger took over.”


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