ADDED ON: 09/04/2021

Poland’s chief rabbi: ‘LGBTQ+-free zones is against Halacha’

9/3/21 | The Jerusalem Post

“Creating LGBTQ+ free zones is against Halacha,” Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich said at the kickoff for The Agudah – The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel’s new “Pride in the Living Room” series of events. The Agudah is hosting and supporting dozens of these events in countries all over the world, ranging from Brazil, Japan, Australia, the UK, Spain, Italy, the US and more, some of which will be livestreamed over social media. Some of these countries, such as Poland and Hungary, have recently passed laws widely perceived as anti-LGBTQ+. The right-wing governments of both Poland and Hungary have both made headlines in 2021 for their passing of laws seen as anti-LGBTQ+. These laws include banning the showing of LGBTQ+ friendly content on TV, prohibiting it being taught in classrooms, and the establishment of “LGBTQ+ free” zones. The halachic implications of these laws were addressed by Schudrich at the Agudah’s kick-off event. “From what I can say, creating LGBTQ+ free zones is against the Halacha,” Schudrich said. “Every Jew should know that they are welcome, and that if someone tells them they are not welcome, that person is incorrect. Yes, we have differences, so what? Creating Jewish unity is not about agreeing about everything, it’s about celebrating that we are all Jewish together.”


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