ADDED ON: 07/01/2021

Poland could face legal action over its controversial ‘LGBT+ free zones’

06/29/2021 | SBS

The European Commission is studying the possibility of legal action against Poland over its “LGBT-free zones” in some towns, several EU sources have said. As the “guardian of the treaties” binding the European Union together, the commission could launch an infringement procedure against the country, which is ruled by a right-wing, socially conservative government whose policies have raised rule-of-law questions. The European Union could launch an infringement procedure against Poland for its “LGBT free-zones”. Such a procedure involves several steps that could drag out over years, but could ultimately result in going to the European Court of Justice, which could impose financial penalties. Around a hundred Polish towns and villages have adopted the “anti-LGBT” resolution, which some describe as a “charter for family rights”. They cover about a third of Polish territory and are mainly located in the country’s east and southeast, traditionally very Catholic.


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