ADDED ON: 09/03/2018

Plaque for ‘first Modern Lesbian’ to Be Reworded after Complaints

09/03/2018 | The Guardian

A blue plaque celebrating a woman described as “the first modern lesbian” is to be changed after complaints that it “erased” her sexuality. The tribute to 19th-century diarist Anne Lister described her as “gender-nonconforming”, but did not explicitly say she was a lesbian. The plaque was unveiled on 24 July at Holy Trinity church in York, marking the location where Lister received communion with her girlfriend after exchanging rings at home almost 200 years ago. The original plaque read: “Gender-nonconforming entrepreneur. Celebrated marital commitment, without legal recognition, to Ann Walker in this church. Easter, 1834.” A draft of the new wording will be proposed and opened for public comment in the coming weeks.


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