ADDED ON: 06/30/2019

Pioneers launching Pride in Bermuda, St. Lucia, Uganda, India

06/29/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Activists in Bermuda and St. Lucia are planning those nations’ first Pride celebrations, while a fund drive is under way for Uganda’s seventh Pride, which is held annually except when police raids shut it down. See also news about Pride in Uganda, India, Georgia and Ukraine. Activists in Uganda are seeking funds for this summer’s Pride celebration. Isaac Mugisha writes “LGBT+ Ugandans face some of the world’s worst discrimination. We’re beaten by our families, harassed and arrested by the police, ridiculed by our neighbors, and hunted down by our government. We have no protections and can be sentenced to jail for life just for being gay. “But time and time again, we fight for the precious opportunity to stand together in defiance at Pride Uganda. Because Pride gives us the rare chance to say, ‘We exist and we deserve dignity, safety, and respect.’ “Financially, we’re completely on our own… and we’re dangerously low on funds. Pride Uganda may not happen this year. Bringing together a global community of people like you to support Pride is our best bet for making it happen.


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