ADDED ON: 07/28/2019

Philippines congress to re-discuss same-sex civil partnerships

07/28/2019 | Gay Times

The Philippines is set to re-discuss allowing same-sex civil partnerships following a renewed push from Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez. Initial attempts stalled last year. The bill aims to allow people into an official union “whether they are of the opposite or of the same sex.” Another aspect of the bill will make civil partnerships a bit more equal to marriage, allowing civil partners to adopt, own property and get spousal support. “It aims to be a landmark effort to provide civil rights, benefits, and responsibilities to couples, previously unable to marry, by giving them due recognition and protection from the State,” Alvarez explained to GMA News. Writing on Facebook, the congressman added: “Every day is a celebration of love and colors. “Recognizing the desire of our people that it is about time the government grant couples, whether they are of the opposite or of the same sex, adequate legal instruments to recognize their partnerships, respecting their dignity and equality before the law.


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