ADDED ON: 11/12/2022

Peru officially apologizes to Transgender woman for police abuse

11/11/2022 | Los Angeles Blade

Peru on Nov. 3 issued an official apology to Azul Rojas Marín, a Transgender woman who was raped and beaten by a group of police officers in 2008. After an Inter-American Court on Human Rights’ ruling in 2020, Peru was compelled to formally recognize its culpability in Rojas’ abuse. Despite this historic event, Peru is still far from fulfilling all of its obligations under the decision. More than 14 years have passed between the incident and the apology ceremony that took place at Peru’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Illustrating this long journey towards retribution, Rojas lit a candle in front of a photo of her mother, who passed away before she was able to witness her daughter achieve justice.


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