ADDED ON: 12/25/2020

People think it’s too easy for trans kids to get treatment. My daughter’s experience says otherwise

12/24/2020 | The Independent

My daughter came out as trans in October. Since then, we’ve been trying to get her the healthcare she needs to feel confident, happy, and safe. It hasn’t been easy. No doubt, this revelation will leave some readers confused, or even angry. When you tell people that you’re trying to help your trans child get healthcare, many people will accuse you of being a bad parent. And no wonder: public discussion about trans children often makes it sound like being trans is a dangerous, edgy new trend among youth, like vaping, from which parents must protect their valuable innocents. A couple of years ago, the Atlantic published a brow-furrowed cover story that worried that some young people who wanted to transition from female to male were simply confused about gender roles.


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