ADDED ON: 08/26/2021

People ‘anxious to go home’ to Poland amid anti-LGBT regime

08/25/2021 | Liverpool Echo

Polish people living in Merseyside have revealed they are anxious about returning to their home country. Maciej, who lives in Southport, and Wiktoria, who lives in Liverpool, are two of countless LGBT+ Polish people who are fearful of the new anti-LGBT ideologies adopted in a number of municipalities in Poland. A number of ‘LGBT-free zones’ were established in Poland in 2019 as part of an attempt by local authorities to ban equality marches, inclusive education and other LGBT+ events. Support for the resolution came from ultra-conservative religious groups and figureheads such as Archbishop of Krakow Marek Jędraszewsk who described LGBT+ rights movements and inclusive ideology as a ‘rainbow plague’. As of 2021, more than 80 municipalities encompassing approximately one third of Poland have adopted the LGBT-free resolution. Maciej Tocki-Martinez, 25, who is openly gay, left Poland for the UK in 2015 and now lives in Southport with his husband of one year. He came out while living in the UK, and found his identity was welcomed and celebrated by the local community. He explained the LGBT-free towns and municipalities in Poland are not necessarily reflective of the more open attitudes from people in bigger cities.


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