ADDED ON: 03/21/2021

Pathetic right-wing cranks think the new gay Captain America will ‘contract AIDS’

3/20/21 | Pink News

Right-wing YouTuber Steven Crowder’s controversial podcast is in hot water for suggesting the new gay Captain American will contract AIDS. Dave Landau hosted the Wednesday (17 March) edition of the Louder with Crowder podcast in the absence of Steven Crowder. In the YouTube livestream, Landau and other co-hosts mocked Marvel Comics’ announcement of a new gay Captain America character, saying the new character will contract AIDs. Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell said Landau and the other co-hosts “doubled down on the show’s racism, transphobia and general bigotry”. He wrote on the Media Matters website that Landau went after trans icon Elliot Page, continuously misgendering Page and saying his “breasts will be auctioned off on eBay”. After these transphobic comments, Landau ridiculed the new Marvel character’s design which features a tattooed, Mohawk-sporting teen Captain America. He said on the podcast the new Captain America “looks like a twink” and that he looks like he “sells ecstasy outside of a rave in the year 2001”.


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