ADDED ON: 06/20/2022

Palestinian Activists Ban Concert for LGBTQ Community in Ramallah

06/19/2022 | The Media Line

Palestinian activists shut down a concert for the LGBTQ community that was scheduled to take place in Ramallah over the weekend. East Jerusalem singer-songwriter and video artist Bashar Murad was supposed to perform at the concert, which was scheduled to be held on Friday night. The homophobic activists, led by Yaman Jarrar, the son of prominent Hamas preacher Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, who famously predicted on YouTube that Israel would cease to exist in 2022, told people at Ramallah’s Al-Mustawda3 Cultural Center, “There’s a guy called Bashar Murad who’s supposed to hold a party here today. Bashar Murad is gay. This person is banned from holding a concert. He does not represent us or any of our free people. We came here to advise you in a respectful manner. We are talking to you in a nice way; don’t test our patience. Anyone who dares to harm our religion will be crossing a red line.”


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