ADDED ON: 03/08/2021

Pakistan- Accused who tortured transgender person arrested in Nowshera

03/07/2021 | MENA FN

Nowshera Police have arrested an accused who attacked and injured a transgender person. Police said that transgender person Fayyaz alias Sunny came to Cantt Police Station with a complaint that a boy, Asad came to his residence in Siddique Plaza and indulged into argument with him. He alleged that the boy got furious during the argument and started beating him black and blue, leaving him injured. District Police Officer Najmul Hasnain took notice of the torture on transgender person and formed a team for arrest of the accused. Police conducted several raids and managed to arrest the accused within 24 hours of filing of the report. The accused, Asad revealed during initial investigation that he had ‘friendship’ with Sunny, but now Sunny no longer wanted to continue friendship with him. He said he got furious over the attitude of Sunny and tortured him.


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