ADDED ON: 11/15/2022

Outcry in Moldova about new LGBT campaign in schools

11/14/2022 | CNE News

A campaign called “LGBT children in your school” has led to many critiques in Moldova. Both the Orthodox Church of Moldova and parents speak out against the promotion of LGBT values in schools. Propaganda of the LGBT agenda and its development is unacceptable, both socially and from a Christian point of view, Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova wrote in a statement. The “LGBT children in your school” campaign is developed by the GENDERDOC-M Information Center and aims at making children “aware of the rights of LGBT children”, as Sphzwrites. However, the Metropolitan sees the action as a tendency to “elevate homosexuality to the rank of normality.” That is dangerous, according to the head of the Orthodox Church of Moldova. “The Holy Scripture states unequivocally: homosexuality is a sin.” He warns that the “LGBT propaganda” is a “harsh attack” on the family institution, but also on moral values and ethical norms. He predicts a spiritual self-destruction of humanity if it continues in this direction.


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