ADDED ON: 12/30/2021

Out in the World: Mixed record on LGBTQ rights across the world in 2021

12/29/2021 | Bay Area Reporter

The year started out on a hopeful note. The world was looking forward to getting past a dark period in America’s leadership and the global COVID-19 pandemic. President Joe Biden’s administration and the rollout of vaccines brought some optimism to LGBTQ people globally. However, conservatives and progressives continued their fights over LGBTQ rights. There were victories but violence against LGBTQs in Afghanistan, Ghana, Hungary, Myanmar, Poland, and Uganda dominated the headlines. Queer people were on the frontline protesting against Myanmar’s military coup in February, with many dying when the military violently shot demonstrators on the streets. In August, LGBTQ Afghans were left behind Taliban and ISIS-K (an Islamic State-affiliated group active in central Asia) lines after the United States and its allies rapidly withdrew from the country.


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