ADDED ON: 01/09/2021

Our rules don’t permit it — NCC chief on enrolment of transgenders in the corps

1/8/21 | The Print

Observing that the current rules did not permit enrollment of transgenders, National Cadet Corps (NCC) head Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich on Friday said NCC would need “numbers” of the third gender and other “dynamics” to have them in the uniformed youth organisation. Interestingly, while the DG NCC was addressing the annual press conference, the Kerala High court was hearing the plea of a transwoman against the exclusion of transgender person enrollment as per section 6 of the NCC act. “We in NCC go as per the rules which are governed by NCC Act of 1948. When we talk of genders of male or female, we do not have the clause to enroll a transgender and that is what we have at present,” Lt Gen Aich told ANI. “But it has been given by the Supreme Court in 2014 and the apex court has said that there is a third gender also but presently our rules do not permit it,” DG NCC said. “As you will appreciate and agree with me that you cannot have a boy, girl, and a transgender community or category because you need numbers of them (transgenders) and you will need a totally different dynamics all together so present conditions do not permit us,” DG NCC told ANI. When asked about whether in the future it would be possible for NCC to have transgenders, DG said, “I think that decision has to be taken at the highest level because the decision encompasses all the uniformed forces. It is a decision which I cannot comment upon. It has to be taken at the national level,” DG NCC said.


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