ADDED ON: 08/03/2018

Opinion | Why the Battle to Love Won’t End with Section 377

08/03/2018 | Live Mint

Meditation helps eradicate homosexuality.” “Trust me this is perfectly curable, let’s start you off on some Clonazepam now!” “Homosexuality cannot be legal. It is against our religion and culture.” “There’s a gay guy in the script? Arrey just make him wear pink, everyone will get it!” “Don’t worry, I’m sure you will get over this phase once you are married.” These classic lines we’re all familiar with are from illustrated cards titled “A Beginner’s Guide To Indian Homophobes” on Gaysi Family, a popular online lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) forum. The textbook example of everyday Indian homophobia was offered on camera by Bharatiya Janata Party MP Nishikant Dubey: “Yes we do fear hugging Rahul Gandhi as our wives might divorce us after that,” he told a television reporter who asked him to comment on Gandhi’s statement that BJP MPs would take two steps back thinking that he would hug them. “Also, Section 377 hasn’t been scrapped as yet. If he gets married, we will hug him.”


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