ADDED ON: 09/02/2021

OPINION: Social media is a weapon of mass LGBT+ destruction that must be disarmed

08/31/2021 | Openly News

Pride month ended this year with Europe divided. A rainbow curtain now cuts across the European Union, with Hungary’s anti-LGBT+ law just the latest sign of an increasingly sharp frontier in the fight for LGBT+ rights. All eyes are now on Brussels and the fightback by the European Commission. But they should also be focused on Silicon Valley – for the fight for LGBT+ rights is being fought and lost on social media. Hungary’s new law, which bans depictions of homosexuality in school educational materials or TV shows for under-18s, is undoubtedly a political move. Look no further than next year’s election to see the reason why prime minister Viktor Orbán’s authoritarian government has suddenly intensified its scapegoating of LGBT+ people. Copycat legislation is likely in Poland, which is travelling a similar path towards illiberalism. That path is paved with anti-LGBT+ misinformation. Just as the extremists of the 1930s came to power, and wielded it, on the back of new communication tools such as radio, so too are their modern-day counterparts. Social media is this century’s far-right enabler.


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