ADDED ON: 12/31/2019

Opening doors: Pakistan’s first transgender beauty salon

12/11/2019 | Pioneer Post

As a transgender woman, Bebo Haider struggled for years to find a beauty salon in Pakistan that would cut her hair. She tried many top-notch salons in Karachi, but they refused to entertain her. “They said, we don’t treat transgenders and that I sounded like a man so they couldn’t give me an appointment without asking the owner,” the trans-activist tells Pioneers Post. So Haider, 35, decided to start her own salon, Trawah, which opened its doors in January 2019. “I thought, why not open a community-led salon where trans [people] serve not only their community members but mainstream society as well,” she says. “This is how we can bridge the gap between society and the trans community.”


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