ADDED ON: 12/01/2020

One of Scotland’s first LGBT hubs to open in Kirkcaldy town centre

11/30/2020 | The Courier

LGBT charity Pink Saltire said it was proving doubters wrong with the creation of the inclusive centre in the town centre. It will contain a café, shop, meeting rooms and a permanent base for Fife’s LGBT+ people. It will also provide hot desks to give people a place to work during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as a mental health counselling service. Charity founder Stuart Duffy said he was determined to succeed in giving LGBT+ people a place to call their own. “People have doubted us in the past – said that we don’t need LGBT groups here and we’ve proven them wrong,” he said. “They said we couldn’t have a Pride event here in Fife, that it wouldn’t work and nobody would come, yet with community partners we made it happen. “So, I’m sure there are still people who doubt this new centre will work but my message is simple – we’ll succeed here too.”


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