ADDED ON: 12/05/2021

On This Gay Day: The Bisexual Pride flag was unveiled for the first time

12/5/21 | Out in Perth

The Bisexual Pride flag with it’s three stripes of pink, lavender, and blue, was unveiled for the first time on this day in 1998. The flag was designed by Michael Page from Florida, who is also one of the people behind the establishment of Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The flag made it’s debut at the first anniversary party of the BiCafe. “There is no question that bi people have helped foster the gay and lesbian movement we have witnessed since the Stonewall riots of 1969. One problem for bisexuals remains their invisibility. This was also a problem for gays and lesbians prior to 1969 as very few were willing to “come out”. Page wrote in 1998. She said the motivation to create a specific flag for bisexual people came from discussion with her friends who felt the Pride flag did not fully represent them.


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