ADDED ON: 07/28/2020

On Screen, Normalizing Queer Love in the Philippines

07/27/2020 | The Diplomat

Known primarily for his poetry and acting, Juan Miguel Severo announced his latest show this month, produced by Globe Studios, about same-sex love between two adolescent boys. “Gaya sa Pelikula” or “Just Like the Movies” is set to air in the last quarter of 2020. The plot revolves around a university romance and borrows motifs and scene styles from well-known romantic movies. Severo explains that the show will take those aspects and “situate a gay couple in that, that’s it! To tell the public it happens to us, and we should be allowed to have these experiences too.” The artist spoke with The Diplomat about how he intends to make something that creates a space for the narratives of the LGBT people while pushing for greater equality and justice in society as a whole. He claims “there is nothing special” about what he is doing.


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