ADDED ON: 08/26/2021

On Her Last Stop In Southeast Asia, VP Harris Emphasizes Human And Worker Rights

08/25/2021 | CapRadio

HANOI — U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris turned her attention to issues surrounding worker rights and civil liberties Thursday as she closed out her visit to Southeast Asia, elevating activists in a region of the world known for its challenges and restrictions to human rights. In Vietnam, Harris participated in what her team billed as a “changemakers” event with activists working on LGBTQ rights and climate change. “It is critical that if we are to take on the challenges we face that we do it in a way that is collaborative, that we must empower leaders in every sector, including of course government but community leaders, business leaders, civic society if we are to maximize the resources we collectively have,” Harris said. Later Thursday, Harris will speak at a news conference before beginning the trip back to the U.S. Vietnam has been criticized for restrictions on freedom of expression and the press, widespread violence against women in the country and its crackdown on individuals it deems political dissidents. While Harris spoke about the need to defend women and rights for transgender people, she expressed no criticism of the government of Vietnam for its abuses while reporters were in the room.


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