ADDED ON: 12/08/2020

OMSA Conducts Albania’s Very First LGBTI Equality Training With Youth Political Forums

12/07/2020 | Exit News

According to survey results from members of Youth Political Forums, parties are still not ready to welcome LGBTI members in their ranks and they believe they will lose voters if they have LGBTI members. These were the findings of a survey conducted on the individuals following training with the youth members of political parties by Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA). The first of its kind in the country, the training directed at this target group was designed to provide sensitization and to make them aware of the needs of the LGBTI community in Albania. Arber Kodra, OMSA Director and one of the leading LGBTI activists in Tirana said: “party readiness and understanding is an essential step in achieving full equality and inclusion for LGBTI people because parties would need to support LGBTI people within their structures or as future candidates.” Accompanying Kodra in the training is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law in Tirana Ersida Teliti who has a deep understanding of LGBTI rights. The training took place during November in Durres, Shkoder, and Korce with members of the youth wing of the Socialist Party, Democratic Party, and LSI. Following these sessions, OMSA plans to continue with more of the same events in other cities throughout the country.


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