ADDED ON: 07/21/2022

Oklahoma town’s first openly gay mayor resigns over harassment, threats ‘bordering on violence’

07/19/2022 | The Hill

Adam Graham, the first openly gay mayor of The Village, a town just outside Oklahoma City, has resigned, writing in a resignation letter that he no longer feels safe enough to serve. “In the last month, I’ve been followed home from meetings, threatened while walking my dog, harassed at Starbucks and have had my tires slashed,” Graham wrote Monday in a letter to Bruce Stone, the city manager. He said certain sects of The Village’s population had recently become “emboldened” to pursue threats and attacks against him “bordering on violence.” “Unfortunately, these malicious, bad-faith attacks are escalating and I no longer feel safe in my capacity to serve as Mayor,” Graham wrote. “It’s with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation effective immediately.”


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