ADDED ON: 03/16/2020

NY now lets minors switch gender on birth certificates

03/15/2020 | One News Now

A new policy in New York state allows minors to change the biological sex on their birth certificates to their preferred sex – as a result of a favorable verdict for a pro-LGBT law group. Lambda Legal Senior Attorney Omar Gonzalez-Pagan – serving as counsel in the lawsuit on behalf of a girl, called a “transgender boy,” born in Ithaca, New York – was pleased to announced that the Empire State no longer prohibits minors identifying as transgender from “correcting” the sex marker on their birth certificates. Gonzalez-Pagan declared the victory for his transgender activist group in the lawsuit, MHW v. Cuomo. “Every person should be recognized and respected for who they are,” Gonzalez-Pagan proclaimed in a statement, according to the Dallas Voice. “Today’s announcement is a victory for all transgender people in New York.”


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