ADDED ON: 11/04/2018

Not voting has consequences. Transgender People in Trump’s America Know this all too Well

11/03/2018 | Sacramento Bee

The sun was just setting on Tuesday as dozens of people, some briefly turning to cast uneasy glances at the railroad tracks behind them, gathered in a solemn semi-circle outside the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. They had come to mourn Kendall Rae Murray, an 18-year-old transgender woman from Auburn who had been killed by a freight train the night before. Emergency responders found her body near the crossing at Capitol Avenue and 20th Street in midtown, a mere block away from where the group now stood. She died at the scene. But on Tuesday night, it didn’t matter. For many of those who had come to mourn Murray’s death, all that mattered was that she just one more victim of violence and pain in a transgender community that has found itself increasingly under attack in big, small and always emotionally tolling ways.


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