ADDED ON: 08/15/2018

‘Not Scared’: Russian Teen Charged under ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law Says He’ll Keep Protesting

08/14/2018 | NBC News

Last week, Maxim Neverov, 16, became the first minor charged under Russia’s “gay propaganda” law. He told NBC News this will not stop his LGBTQ activism. Neverov has joined the growing crowd of LGBTQ activists detained and fined due to the propaganda law. Just last week, around two dozen gay activists were detained in St. Petersburg after protesting the city’s rejection of their application to hold a gay pride event. Prior to Neverov’s detainment on July 24, authorities were already familiar with him because of his activism. Their interest in the teen grew after he became involved with Protest Biysk, a group that organizes civil rights projects. In May, Neverov was the lead organizer of a performance called “Gays or Putin.” As part of this performance, he submitted 12 applications to city officials for a wide range of public events — some in support of LGBTQ rights and some in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, including one that satirically called for Putin to be recognized as a saint.


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