ADDED ON: 07/09/2019

Not My Fault That I Was Born Gay, 20-YO Wrote In Emotional Note Before Committing Suicide

07/09/2019 | India Times

Despite the Supreme Court of India scrapping Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalised gay sex in September 2018, the society has largely remained the same, when it comes to treating people from the LGBTQ community. They are still looked down and scorned by a large section of the society, while some parents try to ‘correct’ their behaviour by counselling. This often leaves them in a state of mental trauma. In yet another such tragic case, a 20-year-old boy committed suicide after he was harassed and bullied for his sexual orientation. Avinashu Patel, a resident of Mumbai who had been living and working in Chennai for the past three months was found dead on July 2. Before he ended his life by consuming poison, Avinashu, Avi for his friends, wrote a long, emotional post on his Facebook profile, detailing the harassment and pain he went through for being gay.


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